Storage & Presentation

The Cyanotype process is one of the longest lasting photographic processes known—if the prints are handled correctly. Even today some of the first works are preseved in museums and archives.

Nowadays one of the main problems is the buffering of many papers (to reduce ageing). But the chemicals used for this are destructive to Cyanotypes. When choosing papers I'm taking this into account. But for the storage and presentation of Cyanotypes you have to think of disturbing chemicals as well. That means the cardboard used for passe partouts or paper wrapping for storage should be unbufferd material.

If the prints are presented in a very well lit environment with potentially high rate of ultra-violett (e.g. a room with intense sun light over the day), the use of special glass for the frame is recommended.


At first the prints may show a perceptible light-fading effect. Put in strong light the prints will get lighter and will darken again in the dark. This effect is almost fully reversible. After a short time this effect will lessen until it is almost not noticable.

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